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Why is my lock working in reverse when I press the lock/unlock button?

If your deadbolt lock is working in reverse, meaning it locks when you press the unlock button and vice versa, you have set the left/right handed switch incorrectly. The switch is labeled 1-2 and it is located on the back module next to the “C” and “S” buttons. Set the switch to “1” for right handed doors, and set to “2” for left handed doors.

How do I know if I have a left handed or right handed door?

While facing the door as if you were entering, if the door hinges are on the right you have a right handed door, and if the hinges are on the left you have a left handed door.

What happens if my batteries die?

In case you let the batteries completely die before replacing them, you always have your traditional key as a back up entry method. To avoid any issues, you should always replace batteries before they are completely dead.

How do I know when the batteries are low?

When the batteries start to go low, you will get a low voltage beeping signal from the lock. Replace the batteries as soon as you get this signal to avoid any issues.

Why does my deadbolt only lock or unlock when the key is in the cylinder?

If your deadbolt can only be turned when the key is in the cylinder you have installed the lock incorrectly. Make sure the driver bar is in the vertical position when installed and the deadbolt is in the unlocked position.

Some of the numbers on my keypad are not beeping, why?

A lot of the time this is caused by a loose keypad connection, bent prongs in the connector, or a pinch in the wires.

My thumb turn is stuck or is very hard to turn, why?

This is a common issue for door knobs which is caused by low batteries. To fix this simply replace the batteries with a good set of new batteries and cycle the lock a few times using the keypad or key fob. Once you have cycled it a few times the thumb turn should be free again.

How long do batteries last?

Battery life depends on how often the lock is operated. We recommend you replace batteries at least once a year.

Can I use my smartphone to operate the door lock?

Smartphone capabilities are only available on W-Series Locks and X-Series locks. You will need to purchase an Insteon Lock Controller to enable this feature. If you do not currently have an Insteon system, you will also need a Insteon Hub.

Can I use this lock outdoors?

While the front assembly is weather resistant, the back module needs to be protected from the weather. A front door would be perfect but an outside gate may require some modification to protect the back module.