Keypad Programming Video

Most issues are discovered to be battery related. To avoid difficulties during set up:
1. Make sure you are using brand new AA alkaline batteries.
2. Do not mix old with new batteries.
3. Do not use rechargeable batteries.
4. Do not rely on a battery tester to determine battery life.

Other things to look for:
1. Make sure all of the numbers on the keypad beep when pressed.
If some of the numbers are not beeping, remove the back module (part B) and inspect the wires for any pinches or tears. Make sure to check the wires coming from the keypad as well. Disconnect the wire harness and make sure the pins in the male connection are not bent out of alignment. Reconnect the wires and confirm every button on the keypad beeps when pressed.
If you are still having keypad issues after following our troubleshooting guide, call us for a replacement under warranty.